Parent Orientation

We would like to invite the Horton community to our in-person parent orientation scheduled for Wednesday September 21st.  This is an opportunity to put a face with a name.  This is not a one-on-one Parent-Teacher opportunity, but a general review of the class and assessment plans.  Join Horton Administration for coffee and snacks at 6:00 PM before we begin at 6:15 PM in the performance center.

Targets for Horton Teacher Orientation:

  • To put a face to a name is the main goal and the meetings are just 10 minutes.
  • Discuss communication and assessment plans (how to reach out)
  • A typical day in class
  • Review how the parent can support the student
  • Review how a student can support themselves
  • How the teacher can support a struggling student
  • Review the importance of C-O-P and professional judgments (more details at the meeting!)

Meet the teacher is not intended as:

  • The time to review curriculum or topics
  • Individual discussions with parents 

Please bring a picture or a copy of your students timetable so that you are able to follow their schedule.  Horton will provide a quick reference room list, maps and many Student Council volunteers will be present that evening to help navigate the building.

This is our planned schedule for the evening 

Horton Parent Orientation  Wednesday September 21st 
6:15  6:45 Performance Center     Meeting Administration 
7:00 7:10 Day 1 – Period 1 
7:15 7:25 Day 1 – Period 2
7:30 7:40 Day 1 – Period 3 
7:45 7:55 Day 1 – Period 4 
8:00 8:10 Day 2 – Period 1  Grade 9 Parents – Continue with this schedule to see any new teachers . If you don’t wish to see Math, Science, or English teachers twice, stop by the conference room to explore the Parent Portal. 

Grade 10, 11, 12 parents  – continue with this schedule for any classes that run year-long. You will have no new teachers to see if your student’s classes are all semester-long classes

If you have no new teachers to see, feel free to visit the Admin team in the conference room to explore the Parent Portal 

8:15 8:25 Day 2 – Period 2 
8:30 8:40 Day 2 – Period 3 
8:45 8:55 Day 2 – Period 4 

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