Do you need to speak with an administrator? As per recommendations from NS Public Health, every effort will be made to meet via telephone, email, and/or a virtual meeting. However, should a face-to-face meeting be absolutely necessary, please make note that Horton follows the recommendations of Nova Scotia Public Health and will require the following procedures from visitors:

Do not visit the school if you have been exposed to Covid-19, if you should be in quarantine/isolation (left the Atlantic Bubble in previous 14 days), or if you are exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19.  Please refer to NS Public Health if you have any questions. ALL VISITORS MUST WEAR A MASK.

  • Please email to make an appointment to visit the school;
  • The visitor’s entrance will be the entrance to the left of the main office, by our conference room.  Follow the signs leading to this visitor entrance.  
  • Staff and students are not considered visitors, as they already complete the Covid self-screening on a daily basis before coming to school/work.
  • Upon entering the school, sign the visitor’s logbook, confirming that you have not been exposed to Covid-19 and that you have no symptoms.  There is one page per visitor. 
  • Be sure to sign out when you are leaving the school.
  • These protocols are in place to provide contact tracing.