Horton High School will host its annual Respect for Diversity Day for grade 10 students on Thursday Dec 2nd. Specials thanks to Renata Verri, Karuna Singh, Sandy Coldwell and Nancy Hennebery for their dedicated efforts and leadership.

This year we have a Leadership Team this year consisting of 4 student leaders: Lindsey Atwell, Alix Falkner, Bianca Wilkes and Damaine Wright. All the student leaders must be commended for their leadership in delivering this event to our Horton students. We are delighted to be able to bring a guest speaker to Horton this year, Junior Moaku, to share his message with students.

The success of this program would not exist without the devotion of our talented staff working cooperatively with our wonderful student leaders.

Thank you

Parent Teacher and Report Cards

December is just like other month here at school regarding trying to keep the positive communication flowing to our wonderful school community. Our goal is to communicate as often as needed so that we can help ensure students success in school.

Thank you to the many parents who recently attended our VIRTUAL first parent-teacher sessions, we appreciate your support and collaboration around student learning.

The move to emailing reports cards supports the use of less paper in our school but we remain committed to get an email or copy of the report card to each parent. If you are having issues assessing the report card for your student, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at the school.

Administration continues to monitor students marks and attendance each day, implementing plans as needed to support student success.

Horton wants to have effective communication with its school community. Never hesitate to contact us!

Parent Portal

Over the summer, updates were made in our PowerSchool Student Information System which changed how student contacts are managed in the system. Previously, students were limited to parent1, parent2, and up to three emergency contacts. With the move to Student Contacts, schools will be now able to add all the contacts that a student needs, providing full support for different family structures such as parents, stepparents, foster parents, guardians, emergency contacts, etc.

As a result of this change to Student Contacts, all existing Parent Portal accounts have been deleted from our system. To assist parents/guardians with this transition, all parents/guardians with email addresses currently in our student information system have been set up with a new Parent Portal Account (and accounts have even been set up for parents/guardians who previously had no account). If you have also received this communication by email, that means that a new Portal account has been created for you.

If you had a previous Portal account, your new account should behave no differently than your old account, whether it was linked to only one student or several students.

Please reset your password following the steps found by clicking the link below.


Please reach out to your grade level administrator for support with any issues with your account.

Kay Greene – Grade 12 – kgreene@gnspes.ca

Peter Morse – Grade 11- morseps@gnspes.ca

Sean Bennett – Grade 10 – Bennett@avrce.ca

Jodye Routledge – Grade 9 – Routledge@avrce.ca

EF Tours – Horton Visits Italy

Travel Opportunity!

The food, the culture, the history, the food!! March Break 2023, Horton High School is going to Italy!

Interested in learning more about this amazing opportunity? Come to Ms. Nagy’s room (2812 in the yellow wing) on Friday at lunch time for a brief information session. Interested but can’t make it to the meeting? Stop by anytime to pick up an information flyer.

Parent Information session (Google Meet) is December 2 at 6:30 pm.

EF Tours Promotional Video