Horton Elves Hard at Work

Poverty is a reality in the Valley but our programs continue to offer support for our community. Horton strives to help create a special holiday for everyone. Horton devotes much time and effort to help those in need during the Holiday Season and throughout the year. The Horton Equity Initiative provided support to our community with food, small gifts and other needed essentials. Many thanks to Kim MacDonald and Sandy Coldwell for their tireless efforts to help provide support for many Valley families.

Horton Africentric Cohort Presents to ELCNS

Black Excellent in Action! Great job Damaine, Fiona, Sierra and Johntae. An amazing day with some amazing people.

A huge thank you to Krishinda McBride and AVRCE for their support.

The Power of Adult Connections

Horton Staff worked diligently during a recent professional development session, reviewing student data on connections to the adults in our school. It is our goal to ensure that every kid at Horton is connected to multiple adults. Staff use intentional and impactful strategies designed to help improve student success, by making sure that they feel safe and connected to adults that lead their education.

This is an outline of our Horton connections strategy
• Students are surveyed, asking them to identify which adults they feel connected to at school.
• The data is examined to indicate students with low connections
• Students will low connection are reviewed at a grade level meeting
• Each student is discussed, and adults in our school select student to being into their inside connection circle (positive connection)
• Students are resurveyed in March to measure the impact of positive connections

The data from 2020-21 indicated this strategy supports positive connections at our school. Last year students indicated that their connections increased. Every staff member had an increase in the number positive connections according to the spring survey data.

This year we have extended this strategy to include personal interviews for those not connected and a focus group to explore Horton connections in our school environment. During our interviews we have been able to connect students to form a positive connection by assisting them to connect with adults in our school, including joining clubs and/or activities.

January Final Assessments Schedule

The final assessment schedule was recently released to staff and students. It is now present on our school website, in this blog and posted in the student Google classroom.

Jan Final Assessment Schedule 2022 (Click text for the schedule)

Staff will be reviewing the schedule with their classes, helping to guide the students to report any conflicts to school administration.

Students at asked to report conflicts through this Google form
Once again, we will be modifying our exam supervision format this year. The exam schedule and its supervision schedule by staff has been carefully crafted with care to ensure that all students write in classrooms without masks, should they decide to take a mask break. We have accomplished this by reducing the class size so that all students can be six feet apart, and facing in the same direction, meaning their mask can be removed to write the final assessment if they wish.

It was very important to our staff that we create an environment for students to write the exams in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing learning environment.

Horton Helps during the Holidays

The Holiday spirit is alive and well at Horton and its surrounding communities. We see examples of students showing goodwill to one another each day. Poverty is a reality in the Annapolis Valley. Horton will once again devote time and effort to help those in need during the Holiday Season and throughout the rest of the year. Horton Staff in partnership with local organizations and businesses take great pride in giving back to our local community. Again, this year Horton will support Feed Nova Scotia through Horton Holiday Hurrah and families in our community through the Griffy’s Giving Tree.

We ask that you consider taking time to give back to the community this Holiday season by sending food or hygiene items with your child, by dropping a small monetary donation off at the school or small gifts that you feel a teen in our community would appreciate. Please try to make an appointment before coming to the school by reaching out to us. We always receive wonderful donations from our students, staff, and community members to support our school community initiatives.

The Horton community thanks you in advance for your generous donations and continued support.