January Final Assessments Schedule

The final assessment schedule was recently released to staff and students. It is now present on our school website, in this blog and posted in the student Google classroom.

Jan Final Assessment Schedule 2022 (Click text for the schedule)

Staff will be reviewing the schedule with their classes, helping to guide the students to report any conflicts to school administration.

Students at asked to report conflicts through this Google form
Once again, we will be modifying our exam supervision format this year. The exam schedule and its supervision schedule by staff has been carefully crafted with care to ensure that all students write in classrooms without masks, should they decide to take a mask break. We have accomplished this by reducing the class size so that all students can be six feet apart, and facing in the same direction, meaning their mask can be removed to write the final assessment if they wish.

It was very important to our staff that we create an environment for students to write the exams in a safe, comfortable, and relaxing learning environment.

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